NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day Seven

Good morning.

Had to be at work super early this morning so had no time for anything.

8:01pm – Now up to 10207 words. Feeling bleh about actually writing today too. Hopefully I can get more done and that I also feel more up to writing tomorrow. Gonna keep trying though. 

10:17om – I don’t wanna do this anymore. Not for tonight, anyway. But I have 11131 words, says the NaNo official validation word counter. I’m so close to tonight’s target. I’m also so sleepy though. I want this to be the one year I don’t fall behind the word count aim. But we’ll see. 

11:26pm – Managed to get 11677 as a total so far. May do a few words more for tonight but not sure. However my search history is going to seem suspicious, but I 100% swear it’s for my story. The downfalls of being a writer…


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