Children of Mars – by Paul G. Day

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Below is a summary from Goodreads:

When their parents go missing on a routine mission, nine children are left to survive on an often dangerous and unforgiving world. Nineteen year old Freddie, together with her brother Pierre, must ensure the safety and survival of the younger children, whilst also trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of the adults. But Mars holds a secret so devastating, it will shake the foundations of the Red Planet and change the way humanity views the universe.

I entered the giveaway of this book on Goodreads and then recognised the title and author of the novel from chatting with him and many others during NaNoWriMo. I then got a copy on my Kindle but Chapter 16 somehow wasn’t downloaded onto my Kindle correctly or something along those lines. However I got a PDF version afterwards and that one was fine so it must have only been my Kindle.

I enjoyed reading this and it was an interesting take on what Mars would be like if human life stayed on the Red Planet, if only for a little while. However I do wonder what those beings actually were and would be interested in reading about their planet, people, customs, and so on.

My favourite character ended in a three way tie between Deni, Shelly and Freddie. I felt sorry for Deni on more than one occasion and I thought that I would possibly like her to be my sister. Shelly seemed like she would be a great friend (and just between you and me, I was thinking and sort of hoping that instead of her leading Freddie to the party that she would instead tell Freddie that she was pregnant and that Freddie was to be an aunt). Freddie was a trooper on more than one occasion and just ploughed through for the kids as they needed her, even though all she wanted to do was was cry.

I loved the visions that they had though as it sounded like a beautiful place to stay for a little while.

Rating: 4/5

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